434 MHz RF Transceiver Module

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  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy for application.
  • On-Chip VCO with integrated PLL using crystal oscillator reference
  • Integrated IF and data filters.
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 80 °C
  • Operating voltage: 5 Volts
  • This 434MHz Transmitter is an ASK Hybrid transmitter module. It uses saw resonator for frequency stability. The receiver is an ASK super heterodyne receiver with PLL synthesizer and crystal oscillator.

    These are RF receivers and transmitters which work on a very simple principle i.e, the receiver outputs the data seen by the transmitter and is of the lowest cost. Its extremely small size and high range of 500ft in open space coupled with its low power consumption make it ideal for a variety of applications. These modules can be used with an encoder/decoder  pair or can be directly interfaced to a microcontroller/Arduino.


    • Frequency 434 MHz.
    • Transmitter: Saw filter based ASK hybrid transmitter
    • Transmitter supply voltage: 3~12V.
    • Receiver: ASK super heterodyne receiver with PLL synthesizer and crystal oscillator.
    • Receiver Supply voltage: 3-5V
    • Receiver IF frequency: 500 KHz
    • Receiver Sensitivity: -105dBm
    • Receiver Supply current: 2.3mA
    • Output power: 4~16dBm
    • Turn on time: 20mS from power is switched on.
    • Data rate 200bps to 3Kbps depending on the supply.
    • Has a range of around 100m(when in line of sight and when transmitter is powered at 12V)


    • Remote Controls
    • Automation System
    • Wireless Security System
    • Sensor Reporting
    • Car Security System
    • Remote Keyless Entry
    • Radio tags reading
    • Supports All Wireless Applications using 8051/AVR/PIC/ARM Microcontrollers (Using HT12E - HT12D Pair)

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