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Robocraze 37 In 1 Ultimate Sensor Modules Kit For Microcontrollers

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Rs. 1,300.00

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37 Sensors To Learn Micro-Controller.
Can Be Used With Arduino, Raspberry Pi Etc.
Good Quality, Easy To Use And Learn.
Skill Level: Beginners To Advance Level.
Can Be Used For Prototype Purpose.

With this 37 in 1 ultimate package ,you can do almost all the experiment you can think of. Package Includes: (1) Passive Buzzer Module (2) Common-Cathode RED&GREEN LED Module (3) Knock Sensor Module (4) Shock-Switch Sensor Module (5) Photo Resistor Sensor Module (6) Push Button Module (7) Tilt-Switch Module (8) RGB LED Module (9) Infrared-Transmit Module (10) RGB LED Module (11) Hydrargyrum-Switch Sensor Module (12) Two-Color Common Cathode LED Module (13) Active Buzzer Module (14) Analog-Temperature Sensor Module (15) Colorful Auto-Flash Module (16) Magnet-Ring Sensor Module (17) Hall Sensor Module (18) Infrared-Receive Sensor Module (19) Analog-Hall Sensor Module (20) Magic-Ring Module (21) Rotate-Encode Module (22) Light Break Sensor Module (23) Finger-Pulse Sensor Module (24) Magnetic Spring Module (25) Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module (26) Tracking Sensor Module (27) Microphone Sensor Module (28) Laser-Transmit Module (29) Relay Module (30) 18b20 Temperature Sensor Module (31) Digital-Temperature Sensor Module (32) Linear-Hall Sensor Module (33) Flame Sensor Module (34) High-Sensitive Voice Sensor Module (35) Humiture Sensor Module (36) Joystick PS2 Module (37) Touch Sensor Module

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