Programmer Flash Burner for AVR Series from ATMEL

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  • Flash Burner for AVR Series from ATMEL
  • Communication - USB
  • Auto Erase before writing and Auto Verify after writing
  • Adapter Board with 40 Pin ZIF socket For programming
  • AVR IDE For Simulation.
  • Freeware AVR GCC C Compiler
  • ISP Programming FRC Socket
  • Download the AVR Programmer Code here.

    Programmer Flash Burner for AVR Series from ATMEL

    Can program Different Dip Packages - 8,20,18,40 and SMD Packages using ISP. Connects through AVR PROG from AVR Studio. Connects AVR OSP II , Code Vision AVR in Protocol AVR 911&910. Device Support: AT90S1200,2313,2323,2343,4414,4433,4434,8515,8535, ATMEGA103,128,1280,1281,16,161,162,163,165,168,169, ATMEGA 2560,2561,32,323,325,3250,329,3290,406,48,64 ATMEGA 640,644,645,6450,649,6490,8,8515,8535,88 ATTINY 11,12,13,15,22,2323,25,26,261,28,44,45,461,84,85,86 AT90CAN128,32,64 - AT90PWM2,3

    Package Contents:

    • 1 x AVR Programmer 
    • 1 x USB Port Cable
    • 1 x Software CD

    Features of Programmer Flash Burner for AVR Series from ATMEL

    Programmer Series AVR Flash Burner Series
    Power 11.1v 5400mah
    Dimensions 104 x 42 x 34mm
    Weight 322g
    Continuous Discharge Rate 25c
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    What is an AVR chip?

    AVR was one of the first microcontroller families to use on-chip flash memory for program storage, as opposed to one-time programmable ROM, EPROM, or EEPROM used by other microcontrollers at the time.

    What precautions do we need to keep in mind while using the Programmer Flash Burner for AVR Series?

    • Do not over charge or over discharge the batteries.
    • Do not use the AVR programmer near high temperature devices.
    • Keep AVR Flash programmer away from water or fire.



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