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SMALL DIGITAL MULTIMETER Small Multimeter for your day to day needs If you have basic knowledge about Multimeters you can try this small Multimeter for basic continuity checks & Voltage Measurements


  1. Functions DCV ACV DCA Resistor (ohms) Diode Buzzer Transistor (HFE) Temperature Square Wave Output Battery Test
  2. Display 4.75 cm length, 15mm high LCD.
  3. Operating Instructions When testing DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, resistance, diode, buzzer and battery, connect the red test lead to "V 0 mA" jack and black test lead to "COM" jack. When testing the current more than 200mA, connect the red test lead to "' OADC" jack and black test lead to •COM" jack When testing the temperature, connect the temperealure probe to "V, 0, mA" jack or "COM" jack. It can also be connected to the jack specialised for it. When testing the magnifying ratio of the transistor, turn the switch to hFE position and connect the transistor to the eight-hole jack. Square wave output: the frequency is 50Hz, the voltage is approx. 3Vp-p. The output jack is "V, 0, mA" and •COM". General Powered by 9V Battery Inside Dimensions Multimeter : 12.5 cms(Length) X 6.75 cms(Width) X 2.25 cms (Thickness) Wire Length (Including Pin) : 71 cms each


The digital multimeter, DMM, is one of the most common items of test equipment used in the electronics industry today. 
While there are many other items of test equipment that are available, the multimeter is able to provide excellent readings of the basic measurements of amps, volts and ohms.
In addition to this the fact that these digital multimeters use digital and logic technology, means that the use of integrated circuits rather than analogue techniques, enables many new test features to be embedded in the design.

  • 3 1/2 digits LCD with a max reading of 1999. Low battery indicator. Overload protection. Audible continuity.
  • AC Voltage Ranges - 750V, 200V 
  • DC Voltage Ranges - 1000V, 200V, 20V, 2V, 200mV 
  • DC Current Ranges - 10A, 200mA, 20mA, 2mA 
  • Resistance Ranges - 2000 kOHM, 200 kOHM, 20 kOHM, 2 kOHM, 200 OHM 
  • Continuity Tester - BEEPS if resistance is lower than 100 OHM 
  • Diode Tester 
  • Transistor Tester 
  • Square Wave Generator - 5V p-p 50Hz 
  • Compact Size - 12.6cm x 7cm x 2.8cm 
  • Light Weight - 140gm 
  • Replaceable Battery (9v) and Fuses
  • To run a test to measure voltage, you connect the red multimeter lead to the positive side of the battery or circuit that you're testing and the black lead to the negative or ground side and set the dial to the voltage range you expect.
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