Buy Shields compatible with Arduino Online in India

Are you looking for shields compatible with arduino for controlling high current brushed DC motor? Shields for Mega Board ,UNO Board,  Duemilanove Board and  Leonardo Board compatible with Arduino are available. Choose from a variety of shields compatible with arduino like LCD Display Shield, Shield V3.0, LCd Keypad Shield, XBEE Shield and many more. Shop Now for Best Price

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  1. Out of stock
    3.2in TFT LCD Display Shield for Arduino
    Special Price Rs 1,177.64 Rs 998.00 was Rs 1,180.00
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    MEGA Prototype Shield V3 for Arduino
    Special Price Rs 312.70 Rs 265.00 was Rs 590.00
  3. Out of stock
    LCD (Blue) Keypad Shield for Arduino
    Special Price Rs 295.00 Rs 250.00 was Rs 590.00
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    xBee Shield for Arduino
    Special Price Rs 411.82 Rs 349.00 was Rs 470.82
  5. Out of stock
    LCD TFT01 Shield for Mega Board compatible with Arduino
    Special Price Rs 595.90 Rs 505.00 was Rs 1,070.26
  6. Out of stock
    VS1053 MP3 Shield for Arduino
    Special Price Rs 829.00 Rs 702.54 was Rs 1,416.00
  7. Out of stock
    3.5in TFT LCD Shield for Arduino
    Special Price Rs 1,555.24 Rs 1,318.00 was Rs 2,332.86
  8. Out of stock
    2.4in TFT Display for UNO board compatible with Arduino
    Special Price Rs 497.96 Rs 422.00 was Rs 708.00
  9. Out of stock
    Data Logger Shield for Arduino
    Special Price Rs 290.00 Rs 245.76 was Rs 590.00
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    16 channel PWM Servo Motor Shield for Arduino
    Special Price Rs 647.82 Rs 549.00 was Rs 1,180.00
  11. Out of stock
    UNO Sensor Shield for Arduino
    Rs 199.01 Rs 168.65
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    UNO USB Host Shield for Arduino
    Rs 698.56 Rs 592.00
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    CNC Shield for Arduino
    Special Price Rs 189.98 Rs 161.00 was Rs 409.46
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    UNO Prototyping Shield for Arduino
    Special Price Rs 228.92 Rs 194.00 was Rs 354.00
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    Ethernet Shield for Arduino
    Special Price Rs 489.70 Rs 415.00 was Rs 708.00
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    L293D Motor Driver shield for Arduino
    Rs 178.99 Rs 151.69
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How to make an Arduino shield?

An Arduino Shield is an accessory that is mounted onto an Arduino board for extra functionality. Examples include WiFi Shield, Ethernet Shield, Relay, Proto, etc. Shields are designed in such a way that it easily mounts onto an existing Arduino board and routes all the unused connections onto the shield’s headers. This would then allow you to connect other accessories to the Arduino + Shield combo. Any PCB designing software can be used to make one and the board specifications and requirements can be obtained from the official Arduino website.

How to use an Arduino shield?

Arduino Shields are usually mounted on top of the Arduino board forming a sort of sandwich. The Arduino can then be programmed with the suitable library it takes advantage of the particular features the Shield offers through the Arduino IDE

What is the purpose of an Arduino shield?

Arduino shields are used to add extra features onto an Arduino board. Examples include

  1. Wifi Shield: Adds Wifi capability to your Arduino
  2. Ethernet Shield: Adds an ethernet port to your Arduino for network connection
  3. Motor Shields: Adds motor drivers to your Arduino, so you can readily use the package without any external circuitry required
  4. ProtoShield: Gives you a small breadboard to play with, giving you an all in one compact package

How to program an Arduino shield?

Arduino Shield can be programmed via the Arduino IDE. The shield datasheet would give you the pins the Shield components are connected to the Arduino board, and you can download an associated library to take advantage of all the features offered by the shield

Where can I buy Arduinos shields online in India? 

You can buy different types of Arduino Shields online like wifi shields, LDC shields, ethernet shields, or motor driver shields from authorized vendors like Robocraze. Only authorized sellers have genuine and reliable Arduino shields that can be used for Arduino related projects.

Can I buy the Arduinos shields at a shop near me?

Arduino shields would usually only be found in larger electronic stores although you can try your luck. But in most cases they may not be carrying the shield you require, so be sure to call up the store and enquire about the part you require

How much do Arduinos shield cost in India?

Shield costs depend on the features offered. Some Shields are more expensive than others depending on the functionality offered by the shield.


Arduino Shields 


Arduino Mega Prototype Shield V3.0


LCD (Blue) Keypad shield


XBEE Shield


LCD TFT01 for Arduino Mega Shield


VS1053 MP3 Shield


3.5in Arduino TFT Shield


Arduino UNO 2.4in TFT Display


Arduino Data Logger Shield


Arduino UNO Sensor Shield


Arduino UNO USB Host Shield


CNC Shield


Arduino UNO Prototyping Shield 


Arduino Ethernet Shield


Motor Driver Shield