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Final Year Engineering Project Ideas

Engineering refers to the art of solving problems you don’t have, in ways you will never understand

Final Year Engineering Project Ideas

If you are a final year engineering student and came here in search of topics which can help you ace your project, then you’re in the right place. But be warned these experiments require you to master the art of trial, error, and patience. So if you have what it takes, then let’s get started.

1) Self Balancing Robot: 

Self Balancing Robot is a Two-wheeled Robot that balances vertically using a closed-loop algorithm. Self Balancing robot uses data from the Accelerometer and Gyroscope to correct its orientation and position.



2) Wireless Library Book Catalog System:

Get creative with a microcontroller and touchscreen: The main objective of the project is to design an automated book catalog system in a library with the help of a touch screen sensor and a graphical LCD. The system will provide the end consumer with a user-friendly environment that enables them to register a book effectively, using wireless technology.


3) Security and Authentication Management System:

The main objective of this project is to develop an embedded system, which is used to verify and authenticate the user. This system shall find application in banks, homes, offices, etc. Identity Proof/Identification number shall be required for any user to access the system.

Image result for cash management system arduino



4) RFID Technology and Vision-Based Human Face Recognition System

With this system, access is granted to users based on RFID and/or Face Recognition. Using Computer Vision and various algorithms to ensure the accuracy of the variations in position, size, and orientation.


5) Controlling of Electronic Elevator by Using Voice Announcement: 

In this system, speech recognition is implemented using hardware components like Microcontroller, stepper motor, and regulator power supply. The speech recognition system is the main part of this project. Speech recognition system provides the communication mechanism between the user and the microcontroller based on the control mechanism of the elevator.


6) Gps Based Office Cab Monitoring System: 

The location of a cab can be monitored using a GPS module attached to the Cab.  In the proposed car unit, an RFID card reader, GPS module, GSM module, and a relay module have been added. When an employee enters the car, they have to swipe their RFID card in the car unit. At that time, a message will be sent to the company comprising of the location, employee ID, and cab number. If the employee finds themselves in trouble, they can press a button provided in the car unit. At that instant, the microcontroller detects the signal and sends a message to both the company and the police control room. The message will have a location, employee ID, and cab number. For added safety measures, you may also program the microcontroller to send a signal to the relay unit which will turn off the car ignition & stop the car.



7) Automatic Liquid Dispensing System:

The system has been designed in two modes to dispense liquid. An ‘auto mode’ which dispenses a pre-fixed amount of liquid, and a ‘manual mode’ which shall dispense a liquid for as long as the switch is pressed.

An added feature of coin acceptor can be added to convert this system into a vending machine.



8) Dam Water Gate Controlling System with High-Level Protection: 

Automated sensors and remote communication aim at building a highly automated irrigation system by making use of multiple sensors. The objective of this project is fulfilled by employing a water sensor for water level indication, gate position monitoring, control system, remote communicating modem, and water sensor based gate health detector.


9) Earthquake Indicator Using Arduino: 

This experiment showcases a simple earthquake indicator for home and industry using an Arduino and a highly-sensitive ADXL335 accelerometer that can indicate vibrations. ADXL335 gives analog voltage equivalent to imposed acceleration. It has three outputs, one each for X, Y and Z axes. The three analog outputs are wired to Arduino Uno ADC pins. Any acceleration caused due to the movement in any of the axes is detected by the accelerometer and hence by Arduino ADC.


10) Railway Track Pedestrian Crossing System without Using Staircase:

The project is used to automatically close or open the mobile platforms in between the track trains. Normally the mobile platform connects two platforms through which the passenger can walk on the platform to reach on the next platform. Sensors are placed on the two sides of the track. If the train reaches one sensor the mobile platform will automatically close and allow the train to go through the tracks and then when the train leaves the second sensor the mobile platform will automatically open the bridging platforms.



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