Arduino Starter Kit (Italy)

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Starter kits for beginners to get started with exploring and developing on the Arduino Platform

Kit Contains:

  • 1x Arduino  Uno Board (made in Italy)
  • 1x A to B USB Cable
  • 1x Bread Board
  • 5x each LEDs (Red, green, blue, white, yellow)
  • 1x LDR 
  • 1x LCD
  • 40x Connecting wires (male to male and male to female)
  • 1x 5V Relay
  • 5x Button Switch
  • 1x Resistance Box
  • 1x Capacitor Box
  • 4x Transistors
  • 1x Proximity sensor
  • 1x Buzzer
  • 1x 9V Battery with connecting cap
  • 1x 7805 Voltage converter
  • 2x Potentiometer (100ohm, 10kohm)
  • 1x Toy Motor (2000 rpm) 
  • 1x L293D
  • 1x SevenSegmentt Display
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